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"Prints" is a badly abused and misused term. The fine art print began with artists using old commercial printing methods such as stone lithography, wood block, silk-screen, engraving, etching, etc. as media for producing multiple copies of “original” artwork. The results were “original prints” that involved the artists working in the media directly and either printing (pulling) prints themselves or by employing artisans working under their supervision. The prints were signed, numbered as a limited edition and then the initial working images were destroyed to protect the integrity and value of the edition.

However, today the word “print” is widely used to describe purely commercial printing unlimited by the artist's supervision, edition quantity or need to sign and number. Recently a “fine art printer” announced a “limited edition of 10,000." In my opinion, this is a ridiculous contradiction of terms.  While giclees are of superior quality to other reprinting process, they are still “reproductions.” More and more museums, galleries, and art competitions are requiring this identification for all processes. Thus, enabling a buyer to distinguish between an “original" print, a "giclee" print, and a commercially mass produced “print.”


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